Privacy policy

ForLiving Limited will only use the personal data you provide to us for a limited number of purposes and in a way which complies with the rules set out in the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

ForLiving is registered with the ICO registration ZA275421 and we will only process data in line with this privacy policy


Why do you need my information?
ForLiving is the data control of personal data that you have provided to us and we will only collect information from you that is relevant to carry out our role (be that your landlord, the company that collects payments, helping to purchase your home or administering lease). There will be occasions where we need to share this information with other organisation to deliver our services to you.

What basis do you have for holding my information?
We will be processing most of your information to allow us to fulfil our contract with you and so we can fulfil our obligations. We also base processing data on our legitimate interests, this can be reasons such as direct marketing (which you can opt out) or for completing finance checks. We may also hold use your information because there is a legal obligation

Do you have to collect this information? What happens if I don’t give it you?
The information you provide to us helps us to work with you and fulfil our obligations. Additional information provided to us helps us to offer a tailored service and not providing this information will mean we may not be able to offer all of our services to you.

What information do you collect and what is it for?
We collect and hold a range of information about you. The below outlines the information we collect from you and the ways in which this is used:

Personal information, name, address, date of birth
Contact details: home number, mobile phone number, email address
Further details: National insurance number, Housing benefit reference number
Sensitive personal information: gender, ethnicity, disability information, medical details, marital status, sexuality
Household information: details of who will be living in your home
Nationality/immigration status: visa conditions, asylum status etc/
Photographic identification
Employment status
Criminal record decleration
Bank account details
Mortgage provider

We will record further information during the course of our contractual relationship so that we have a record of our contacts with you. This will include:

Records of visits, phone conversations, emails and letters, web chats etc
Records of repair works
Audio recordings of your calls and web chat into our office
CCTV recordings
Complaints records
Rent or service charge payment history
Unacceptable behaviour warning if we have evidence you may pose a risk to our colleagues or contractors
Survey data
This list outlines the main reasons we may process your data. If we do need to process your information for other reasons we will only do this if there is a legal basis.

Who else will see my data?
We take holding your data very seriously and we will only share information if it is required, for example if we need to use sub-contractors to repair your home. We take sharing your information very seriously and we ensure organisations we share data with sign up to contracts which set out our expectations in relation to keeping information safe. This includes:

ForViva Group members who deliver repairs
Repair contractors who carry out specialist jobs
Astraline – the company who takes our out of hours emergency calls
We do not give anyone else access to your information in return for payment, for marketing or commercial purposes.

Information will not be shared with anyone who claims to represent you unless we are satisfied they have been appointed by yourself or they are acting in an official capacity. We may make checks to confirm the legitimacy of their approval to deal with.

Is my information secure?
Our obligations as a controller of your data means we have to make use of technology to ensure data is safe and secure and held in systems which with technological measures to enhance security. We are committed to this and when we work with contractors or partners we do checks to make sure they also meet our high standards of security. If information can be held electronically we will keep information secure on our central services although we may hold paper information in some circumstances, and we ensure appropriate physical protection to your data

What rights do I have?
The Data Protection Act 2018 gives you specific rights around your data and you have the right to ask us not to process some of your information, this may mean we are unable to provide services to you.

be informed about what we do with your personal information (which is why we have published this Customer Privacy Notice)
get a copy of the information we hold about you (this is known as a Subject Access Request)
ask us to correct information that is wrong
stop us from doing certain things with your information, for example if you think the information is wrong
object to us using it for marketing
get us to delete your information in certain circumstances
get an electronic copy of your information so that you can send it to another company
object to any important decisions being taken about you automatically
claim compensation (through the courts) if we misuse your information
if you have previously given us your consent to use your information for something, you can change your mind
You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner if you think there is a problem with the way we have handled your personal information. The Information Commissioner can be contacted on 0303 123 1133 and they have a website where you can find more info.

How do I access information you hold about me?
You have legal right to access information that we hold about you. If you ask us we will need to see proof of identification before we can process your request. You can ask any of our colleagues or write to our Data Protection Officer at Governance Team, 52 Regent Street, Eccles, M30 0BP or email

We will respond to your request within one calendar month.

If you wish to make a complaint about the way we have handled your information or want to know how we use your information please contact Governance Team at 52 Regent Street, Eccles, M30 0BP.

International Transfers
To ensure the safety and security of information you provide it will generally not be transferred or processed outside of the UK and the EU.

There may be occasions where we need to process information outside of the European Economic Area for example where a third party computer system within the US is used for internet based surveys. Where we do this any personal information collected will be limited and we will only use countries which are deemed adequate by the ICO.

Changes to Privacy Statement
This statement may change and we will display the most up to version on our website and you can also request a copy from any of our offices.

The data protection officer for ForLiving can be contacted at

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