Why not shop local this Christmas?

The shops are vital community resources offering local access to services and goods for many who cannot travel far or maybe prefer a local supplier. They also provide lots of local employment opportunities which lots of tenants directly benefit from.

This year, the pandemic has affected many businesses, some have been forced to close intermittently due to lockdown restrictions and others have struggled due to a lack of passing trade. Now more than ever, we want to ensure that retailers and the communities they serve have the best Christmas possible.

And that’s where we need you.

We have all experienced the benefit of buying locally throughout the pandemic and Christmas is no exception. Retailers are waiting to offer a range of different goods and services to you and the wider community.

So what can you do?

Below you’ll find a directory of businesses, some of which may be in your local area, we’ll also be highlighting these on social media.

Here’s what you can do to help:

· Retweet any social media posts and share a businesses page with your friends

· Take a look at websites and business pages, see if anything tickles your fancy and shop local yourself

· Leave positive social media reviews for any local businesses that you do visit and use – it really helps their reach

· Let us know if you have any ideas, suggestions or queries either from tenants or yourselves, we are always happy to advise

We appreciate your support and will also be sharing any news and offers relevant to Shop Local in the approach to Christmas.

Remember, communities are for life not just for Christmas.